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Wright Express Prepaid Cards Australia

Wright Express Prepaid Cards Australia is the Market leader in prepaid payment solutions and has been developing and supporting prepaid card programs since 2001 for over 100 clients in Australia and New Zealand. The service by Wright Express is unique in that we offer a total Gift Card Solution.


Gift Cards
Refund Cards
Insurance Replacement Card
Staff Allowances and Incentives
Other prepaid applications

Program Design
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Comprehensive Program Reporting
Automated Funds Settlement
Continuous Improvement
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Gift Cards
Gift cards can provide substantial benefits to merchant over traditional paper-based gift voucher solutions, and can be the most profitable line for a retail business. Wright Express's gift card programs are highly flexible, and fully customised to your needs.
A gift card works like a bank debit card with the funds being added prior to the card being used to buy goods. Cards are issued, and funds are added to the card. The funds can then be redeemed, either fully or partially.
Wright Express provides a fully hosted gift card service that allows you to operate a cost-effective solution. The hosted service, easily integrated with your exsisting retail systems, provides comprehensive interfaces for your program managers, your financial managers, your marketing organisation and your consumers.
Refund Cards
When consumers return items to your store, they may not have the receipt, or may have even damaged the item in some way. In these cases you may not want to provide the consumer with a cash refund, although you definitely don't want to lose their future business, especially if they have a valid reason for returning the item(s). It therefore may be more appropriate to provide them with credit, typically provided in the form of a credit note.
Giving credit in the form of a returns card is the perfect solution. It gives the consumer the equivalent value in a more presentable, durable form, while also ensuring they'll spend the money again within your business. Some consumer may not even end up redeeming the card, which means you'll earn profit from the breakage.

Insurance Replacement Card
Although only a small percentage of consumer make fraudulent insurance claims, fraud is a significant issue to insurance companies. In the past for example, a claim of theft of piece of a jewellery may have been settled in cash, resulting in the increased chance for fraud. The amount of fraud can be greatly reduced by paying claims in the form of an closed loop prepaid insurance card issued by your business. As a business, you can use Wright Express's platform to leverage opportunities directly from insurance companies and add additional revenue streams to your business.
Insurance companies can issue the card to a claimant in order to allow them to purchase replacement items in the event of a claim. By using a card, the claimant is restricted to buying appropriate goods revelant to their claim or only spending it at a particular store. For example, if a consumer is making a claim for a lost bicycle, an insurance card only valid at a chain of bicycle retailers could be issused.

Staff Allowances and Incentives
In this competitive market, those who reward employees for their resultsand effort see increased loyalty and in turn improved performance. The reward market is becoming highlycompetitive and employees are increasinly more seletive in their preferred benefits.Non cash benefits such as gift cards are incraesing in demand from both employers and employees. Gift cards typically have a 'trophy value' whereas cash rewards are quickly forgotten and lost in the monthly budget.
Retailers offering immediate benefits often gain the most in this market. When redeeming rewards, employees often add cash to make higher value purchases.
Many business also give allowances to their satff for items such as 'uniforms' for fashion retailers. A dedicated staff allowances card provides control as to the amount and timing of purchases plus can provide the benefit of automated tracking and reporting. The cards can even be personalized for extra security
Other prepaid applications
  • Prepaid spending card
  • promotional cards
  • Loyalty gift cards
  • Savings cards
  • Gift registry
  • Trade cards
  • Corporate Incentives
Program Design
We understand that each of our clients are unique and therefore have varied requirements and objectives. Wright Express actively engage with our customers to understand requirements and design the program to best meet those needs.
This can include:
Value based parameters
  • Do you want your cards to have fixed values only?
  • Do you prefer to set minimum and maximum activation values and let the customer decide?
Card Usage
  • Cards typically are 'stored value', therefore the card can be redeemed any number of times (in $0.01 increments) until the entire card balance is spent or the card expires (whichever comes first).
  • However a card program can be set up so only a single redemption is possible (either for the full value or a part thereof)
  • Do you want the card to be redeemed in the issuing store only?
  • Do you want the card redeemable in a single brand of stores or across multiple brands?
Expiry Profiling
  • When do you want your cards to expire?
  • Expiry profiles can also be set a dynamic (e.g. X months from date of activation) or static (e.g. 31/12/2012).
  • A grace preiod can also be set where, at the merchant's discretion, a card can still be redeemed after the expiry date (e.g. within 30 days after the card expiry date). Any attempt to redeem an expired card (beyond any applicable grace period) will result in a declined transaction.
Commission and Fee Management
  • Some program fees can be on-charged to stores.
  • A sales commission can also be enabled to provide an incentive for stores to sell cards.
  • Commissions and fees are billed monthly in arrears via direct debit.
  • Wright Express manage invoicing and settlement on your behalf
If your business is part or fully franchised or a buying group, this may be an ideal part of your solution as you can operate a number of card programs. A customer can operate a number of card programs that operate differently according to requirement as outlined above.
As Wright Express own our entire infrastruture and have an in-house development team, Wright Express have full flexibility to customise our platform to meet your requirements. If there is a unique requirement we do not already offer, ask us for a quote.
Transaction Processing
It's critical you choose a processor who can not only meet your business requirements, but will ensure maximum system uptime, particularly at peak periods such as Christmas. Wright Express offers proven, scalable and robust prepaid card solutions to meet all your capacity and redundancy requirements.
Wright Express operates a fully hosted, closed loop stored value card solution. This means that only approved locations can issue and redeem cards (usually restricted to a single brand). However access to this closed loop network can selectively be opened up to allow for example, a non related 3rd party to sell or redeem your branded gift cards and vice versa.
Wright Express supports multiple touch points for its client's with which to transact their prepaid card and vouchers including EFTPOS, XPOS, POS, GVMI, IVR, Helpdesk and Web. Some of these require development and integration at the client's end while others are full turn key solution.
Program Support
  • GVMI

    Manage your own program with Wright Express's Gift Voucher Management Interface(GVMI)
    • Web hosted browser-based.
    • Accessible across Internet and/or Intranet
    • Available 24/7
    • Individual or batch transaction processing
    • Fully secure
    • Real time access to transactional data and history online at any time for any card
    • Process selected transaction for a specific card number
    • Download your program reports
    • Restricted access levels based on user groups
    • Full audit trail with unique User ID's and passwords
The Wright Express GVMI tool provides our client with direct access to the Wright Express database for back office transaction processing, day-to-day store support and program administration needs.
GVMI gives select users full financial and non-financial transaction functionality over individual cards or batches.
  • "IVR (Interactive Voice Response)"
    • Reliable automated customer care solutions
    • 1300 number for merchant IVR support
    • Merchant authorisation services
    • Balance enquiries, redemption, expiry dates and transaction history
    • Option to access Wright Express help desk
The IVR is usually utilised as secondary transaction point, where the primary method (e.g. EFTPOS) is offline. Operates as a 1300 number for Australia and 0800 in New Zealand for the cost of a local call.
  • Consumer and Merchant Help Desk
    • Hours of Operation: 24/7,365 days
    • Primary Help Desk located in Sydney(24/7/365)
    • Secondary Help Desk located in Sydney (Mon-Fri business hours only)
    • 1300 number for both consumer and merchant support
The help desk is in place to assist our clients with both operational and techincal support. Operates as a 1300 number for Australia and 0800 in New Zealand for the cost of a local call.
Comprehensive Program Reporting
Wright Express provides a standard suite of reports including
  • Detailed Transaction Report
  • Location based Summary Report
  • Aged Voucher Summary
  • Liability Report
  • Expired Voucher Report
  • Funds Settlement Reports
All reports are made available for download via GVMI on a daily basis (Based on transactions up to previous day) and can be downloaded in Excel, PDF, CSV or XML formats.
Many of our clients have customised reporting requirements. Ask us for a quote.
Automated Funds Settlement
The Wright Express Funds Settlement Solution provides reconciliation reports and automated movement of prepaid card funds between affiliated entities of a company, such as franchises or licensees.
Funds are automatically settled on a daily basis via direct debit between stores and the head office.
Wright Express are able to source and procure cards, print and packaging on behalf of our clients. Wright Express work with a select group of partners who specialize in the manufacture and personalisation of cards and print solutions, with whom Wright Express have long term relationships.
Wright Express can provide advice with regards to:
  • Card design
  • Card innovations
  • Personalisation requirements
  • Packaging
  • Logistics
Clients have the ability to produce numerous versions of card plastics and card packaging as required. Many of our clients utilise multiple card designs, tailored to a specific purpose, customer demographic, occasion or promotion.
Best practice in the gift card industry suggests a multi channel distribution strategy is integral in maximising sales opportunities. Wright Express can facilitate distribution to various channels including:
  • In store – enabling gift cards to be merchandised and sold at multiple points in your stores;
  • Internet – sell your gift cards via our online retail portal;
  • Additionally Wright Express can offer a fully managed online service to sell gift cards on your own website;
  • 3rd Party Retail – currently facilitated via our partner BlackHawk Networks, whose current retail footprint extends to approx. 3,200 locations including Australia Post, Newsagents, Caltex, 7 Eleven and others;
  • Business to Business (B2B) – sell your gift cards via multiple market segments including:
    • Loyalty and rewards programs
    • Employee benefits and incentives
    • Social Clubs
    • Corporate promotions
    • Consumer promotions
    • Lifestyle and membership programs
Continuous Improvement
Your Wright Express Account Manager will be focused on assisting you to grow and maximise sales and efficiencies from your prepaid card program via:
  • Customer and Market Insights
  • Product Development
  • Industry body participation
  • New innovations
Account Management
Customer service is Wright Express’s highest priority. Our clients demand flexibility, professionalism, clarity and high level support. Wright Express’s overall approach to the support of a new prepaid card program is the provision of a dedicated team of professionals to work in partnership with our clients to ensure ongoing success. Whilst working as a team, each specialist has clear lines of responsibility with documented escalation procedures.
At the start of the implementation process, Wright Express will assign both a Business Development Manager (BDM) and Implementation Manager to work on the implementation of the project. The BDM will serve as the primary point-of-contact and will work with the client to determine the level and manner of support provided to them. The Implementation Manager with all technical related issues surrounding the program implementation, will act as the Project Manager and have accountability to ensure the project is delivered on time as required.
Upon successful completion of the new program launch, an Account Manager from Wright Express’s Client Services Team will be assigned to the client. This Account Manager will be directly responsible for providing premier customer service for the client on a daily basis. They will be responsible for monitoring and assisting with new business initiatives and be responsible for client satisfaction.
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