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Below we have included answers to the most commonly asked questions and help requests.
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With, you order and pay for your goods on-line. For this reason, you will be required to provide your credit card details - but without worry. Credit card details are enciphered when you enter them and only deciphered on reaching the payment gateway linked to the banking network.
This is how it works. When you choose to pay for the goods in your shopping cart, you go to the payment page which is within a secure socket layer. This means that no-one else on the Internet can see you entering your personal details. Your credit card details are then encrypted and are sent to the payment gateway linked to your country's major banking network. Because we do not store your credit card information, credit card details will need to be re-entered for each visit to our site.
We do randomly check validity of new customers on, and while putting in place the most up-to-date safety procedure possible to protect your personal information, we do not take responsibility for personal details (including credit card numbers) submitted over the Internet.
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